Drunk History

Historical reenactments by A-list talent are presented by inebriated storytellers.


Director:Jeremy Konner,Derek Waters


Duration:22 min




Season 1 - Drunk History
"Woodward and Bernstein blow open the Watergate scandal, actors\/brothers Edwin and John Wilkes Booth engage in a tragic feud and Elvis crashes The White House to meet President Richard Nixon."
"Al Capone is done in by an easily solved problem, Abraham Lincoln catches a break and police battle with protesters during the Haymarket Riot of 1886."
"John Pemberton invents Coca-Cola (from wine and cocaine!), the F.B.I tries to take down Martin Luther King Jr. and Stetson Kennedy infiltrates the Klu Klux Klan."
"Mary Dyer wages war with the Puritan establishment, two cunning thieves pull off a $500 million art heist and the most notorious arsonist in New England history is revealed."
"Patty Hearst gets kidnapped and brainwashed, Mark Twain flees the city in fear (and finds his unlikely first hit story) and Mary Ellen Pleasant supports abolitionists with her business earnings."
"The Kellogg brothers litigate over their famous surname (and the newly profitable discovery of corn flakes), Ralph Nader goes to war with General Motors and Harry Houdini and Sir Arthur Conan Doyle go from best friends to bitter rivals."
"Dolly Parton has to leave the man who made her famous, competing lawyers clash in the Scopes Monkey Trial, and Lewis and Clark explore the dangerous West."
"Teddy Roosevelt makes a name for himself, hold-outs fight to the bitter end at The Alamo, and Billy the Kid goes on the run from lawman Pat Garrett."
Season 2 - Drunk History
"Scientist Percy Julian overcomes racial barriers, Claudette Colvin refuses to give up her bus seat months before Rosa Parks's famous protest, and Joe Louis fights German boxer Max Schmeling. Featuring Jordan Peele, Terry Crews and \"Weird Al\" Yankovic."
"The U.S. reluctantly accepts the Statue of Liberty, Sybil Ludington goes on an epic ride to warn of a British attack, and journalist Nellie Bly infiltrates a corrupt mental institution. Featuring Laura Dern, Taran Killam, Juno Temple and Matt Walsh."
"Alan Freed becomes one of the first radio DJs to broadcast rock 'n' roll, Kris Kristofferson gets his big break with some help from his hero, Johnny Cash, and Sylvia Robinson creates The Sugarhill Gang. Featuring Johnny Knoxville, Jack McBrayer and Retta."
"Abraham Lincoln tries to avoid assassination on the way to his inauguration, Francis Scott Key writes \"The Star-Spangled Banner,\" and Edgar Allan Poe feuds with Rufus Griswold. Featuring Charlie Day, Adrianne Palicki, Jesse Plemons and Jason Ritter."
"Charles Sumner gets caned on the Senate floor, Judge J. Waties Waring helps to end segregation, and a slave named Robert Smalls commandeers a Confederate warship. Featuring Patton Oswalt, Johnny Knoxville, Busy Philipps and Brandon T. Jackson."
"Orson Welles' \"Citizen Kane\" angers publisher William Randolph Hearst; animator Ub Iwerks helps Walt Disney create Mickey Mouse; Nancy Reagan urges her husband to get into politics."
"Baron von Steuben whips Washington's army into shape, longtime friends John Adams and Thomas Jefferson break ties, and Benedict Arnold becomes a British spy."
"Jim Thorpe dominates the 1912 Olympics, Babe Didrikson founds the LPGA, and Jim Abbott becomes a great pitcher despite being born with one hand."
"Frances Cleveland uses her public image for good, Edith Wilson acts as president after her husband has a stroke, and Dolley Madison saves American artifacts from destruction."
Season 3 - Drunk History
"Othniel Marsh and Edward Cope become bitter rivals while creating Paleontology and Penzias & Wilson discover the sound of The Big Bang."
"Actor Clark Gable joins the U.S Air Force during World War II, Ponce de Le\u00f3n quarrels with Diego Col\u00f3n (son of Christopher Columbus) in the 1500s and Griselda Blanco takes over the cocaine trade in Miami in the 1970s."
"Pirate Jean Laffite helps Andrew Jackson defeat the British during the War of 1812, Sam Zemurray becomes a banana kingpin and Louis Armstrong becomes a jazz legend."
"Harriet Tubman provides military intel to the Union Army, Virginia Hall spies in France during World War II (and becomes the first woman in the C.I.A) and children's books' author Roald Dahl serves as a debonair British spy."
"Wayne Wheeler leads the Prohibition charge, Dorothy Fuldheim paves the way for women in journalism, and Muhammad Ali refuses to fight in the Vietnam War."
"Milton Bradley jumpstarts the board game industry, Roger Sharpe fights for pinball legalization in 1970s New York City, and Bobby Fischer becomes the World Chess Champion."
"Kentucky Daisy claims land for the ladies, Gordon Cooper goes on a pioneering space mission, and former slave Bass Reeves becomes the inspiration for the Lone Ranger."
"Nellie Bly and Elizabeth Bisland race each other around the world, New York's newsboys go on strike, and a political cartoonist exposes a corrupt politician."
"The LAPD is formed to stop the city from devolving into chaos, Rin Tin Tin becomes a global superstar, and William Mulholland figures out how to bring water to Los Angeles."
"Pop\u00e9 leads the Pueblo Revolt against Spanish colonizers in 1680, Boy Scouts cofounder Ernest Thompson Seton tracks a wolf, the true story of the Roswell UFO conspiracy is revealed."
"Alexander Graham Bell beats Elisha Gray to the patent office for the telephone, Thomas Edison endeavors to launch a filmmaking monopoly."
"Bugsy Siegel bets his life on a Las Vegas casino, while the Moulin Rouge breaks the color barrier, Sin City's origins are a popularity contest for J.T. McWilliams and William Clark."
"Carl Sagan and Ann Druyan fall in love over a golden record, Wernher Von Braun pioneers rocket science, and Alexey Leonov becomes the first man to float in space."
Season 4 - Drunk History
"No description"
"LSD pioneer Timothy Leary escapes from prison; a sailor travels to Devil's Island to perform a daring rescue; a baker's whiskey habit keeps him calm aboard the Titanic."
"Sam Patch becomes America's first daredevil; Marilyn Monroe and Ella Fitzgerald form a lasting friendship; Buster Keaton takes his talents to the big screen."
"Carry A. Nation vandalizes bars; Andrew Jackson gets involved in a shootout; Marsha P. Johnson stands up for LGBT rights."
"Teddy Roosevelt revolutionizes football; Winston Churchill pays FDR a visit at Christmastime; Eleanor Roosevelt becomes friends with a female Soviet sniper."
"Charles Ponzi hires a publicist to improve his image; Sadie the Goat becomes a notorious Hudson River pirate; a con man poses as a Scottish royal."
"Katharine Wright helps her brothers build an airplane; the Kopp sisters fight to protect their home; the Fox sisters stoke the spiritualism craze."
"Host Derek Waters and fan favorite Steve Berg relive the best stories about presidents and elections, including Abraham Lincoln's law career and the contentious campaign between John Adams and Thomas Jefferson."
"Emily Roebling oversees construction of the Brooklyn Bridge; con-man Victor Lustig sells the Eiffel Tower; Shakespeare steals the Globe Theatre."
"Mayor La Guardia fights the mob over artichokes; Julia Child meets the love of her life while working as a spy; a molasses flood devastates Boston."
"Lin-Manuel Miranda tells the story of Alexander Hamilton, his nemesis Aaron Burr and their infamous duel to the death."
Season 5 - Drunk History
"No description"
"Deborah Sampson goes undercover as a man to fight in the Revolutionary War, Rose Valland rescues art from the Nazis, and Clara Barton becomes \"the angel of the battlefield.\""
"Occultist and rocket scientist Jack Parsons works on his \"sex magick,\" W.C. Minor helps write the Oxford English Dictionary, and Rasputin lives the high life in Russia."
"Hip hop is born in 1970s New York City, Berry Gordy founds the massively influential Motown Records, and Nichelle Nichols brings the civil rights movement to space."
"Margaret Sanger is a pioneering advocate for birth control, the Kinseys create a scale for sexuality, and journalist Gloria Steinem goes undercover in a Playboy Club."
"British suffragettes learn jiu-jitsu, Gwendolyn Sanders ignites the Birmingham Crusade, and Judy Heumann leads a sit-in for people with disabilities."
"Fred Rogers fights for public television in front of Congress, journalist Ida Tarbell takes on John D. Rockefeller, and Maya Lin designs the Vietnam Veterans Memorial."
"Mystery writer Agatha Christie vanishes, a man known as D.B. Cooper successfully hijacks a plane, and a series of anonymous letters haunts the town of Circleville, OH."
"A group of artists known as the Ghost Army trick German troops, a resistance movement grows within Japanese internment camps, and Adolf Hitler's nephew fights for the U.S."
"An Italian handyman steals the \u201cMona Lisa,\u201d the \u201cSanta bandits\u201d rob a bank in Texas, and Mossad agents capture a Nazi general who had escaped to Argentina."
"A lawyer defends the lives of rats in court, Henry Bergh establishes the ASPCA, and a horse that can solve math problems leads to advances in the field of psychology."
"Joan of Arc leads the French during the Hundred Years' War, Mongol leader Genghis Khan rises to power, AND Mansa Musa brings thousands of people on a pilgrimage to Mecca."
"Robert E. Lee's estate becomes a burial ground for Union soldiers, a gang of counterfeiters attempt to kidnap Abraham Lincoln's body, and an embalmed bandit makes his way around the country."
"A victim of the Salem witch trials curses the town, one woman changes the way people celebrate Halloween, and Vlad the Impaler inspires the classic horror story Dracula."
Season 6 - Drunk History
"Will Ferrell and Seth Rogen star in this episode about how teenage writer Mary Shelley created her legendary novel, \u201cFrankenstein.\u201d"
"John Muir convinces Teddy Roosevelt to preserve Yosemite, journalist Marjory Stoneman Douglas fights to protect the Everglades, and Native American activists occupy Alcatraz."
"Moses Fleetwood Walker faces racism in the 19th century MLB, the Chicago White Sox throw the World Series, and the Callaghan sisters inspire the film \"A League of Their Own.\""
"Bessie Coleman is America\u2019s first black woman pilot, and the students of the Little Rock Nine integrate a high school following the Brown v. Board of Education decision."
"A student tunnels beneath the Berlin Wall, Edie Windsor topples the Defense of Marriage Act, and John Wojtowicz robs a bank to pay for his wife\u2019s gender reassignment surgery."
"John F. Kennedy\u2019s doctor administers him meth for his back pain, and Dr. John C. Lilly takes LSD while studying the intelligence of dolphins."
"Journalist Maurine Dallas Watkins writes a play about Chicago\u2019s infamous Murderesses\u2019 Row, and Mata Hari goes from exotic dancer to double agent during World War I."
"Colonial gossip columnist James Callender winds up dead, a Hollywood producer dies on a celebrity-filled yacht, and Ken McElroy is murdered after terrorizing a Missouri town."
"Larry Walters pilots a balloon-suspended lawn chair, Phineas Gage survives an iron rod to the brain, and the Greenbrier Ghost\u2019s testimony is used in court."
"Lead Belly records songs with John Lomax that change the face of music, John Lennon and Yoko Ono almost get deported, and Sam Cooke writes \u201cA Change Is Gonna Come.\u201d"
"Hedy Lamarr designs the first modern airplane wing, Eartha Kitt's activism provokes the ire of Lady Bird Johnson, and Alexis Pulaski's poodle becomes a huge star."
"Forest service ranger Ed Pulaski saves 40 men from a forest fire, and Ted Patrick rescues teenagers from the psychological grip of the Children of God cult."
"Martha Mitchell leaks the Watergate scandal to the press before Deep Throat does, and the Citizens\u2019 Commission to Investigate the FBI stages an epic break-in."
"Marina Raskova forms an all-women air force regiment to fight Nazis in World War II, and smuggler James J. Andrews hijacks a Confederate train for the Union."
"Navy officer Douglas Hegdahl outwits his captors when he\u2019s taken as a POW in North Vietnam, and Florence Nightingale revolutionizes the field of nursing."
"Mary Mallon spreads typhoid fever wherever she goes, and Cleopatra\u2019s younger sister Arsinoe schemes her way in and out of power in Ancient Egypt."
Season 53 - Drunk History
"No description"